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Hounslow Community Foodbox

Making a referral

Through a series of simple steps a referral partner can easily help someone in need to receive a food parcel.

If you’re already registered as a referral partner with FoodBox you can submit referral vouchers immediately.

The referral will require information about the person or family you are concerned about, including, the number of adults and children, their name, address and contact details, their dietary and allergy information, their cooking facilities and the reason why you are referring them.

If you identify any other services that you feel the person referred may need, then please detail them on your referral, as we may be able to help.

Once the referral has been made, the referral partner should provide a copy, digital or printed, to the person being referred for their reference. A referral voucher will need to be completed each time for each food parcel.

Please note we will be introducing an online submission system for referral vouchers very soon, and will keep you informed.

Register to become a referral partner by calling Oonah Lacey on 07718 263614 or completing the form here.