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Hounslow Community Foodbox

Volunteer testimonials

If you’re wondering what it’s like to volunteer with FoodBox, let some of our team tell you.

"I’ve been a volunteer at Foodbox since September 2018 and it has been one of the most valuable experiences I have ever had. All of the volunteers are friendly and supportive of one another, so getting the hang of things was a very smooth process. The tasks that you do at the community centre range from stock-taking to directly helping out people who need the services provided by the centre. Helping out every weekend helped me build my confidence and gain transferable skills. My favourite part is being able to help so many different people and hear their stories. I would definitely encourage young people to come and volunteer - it’s a great way to make a difference to those in need and make friends too!"
A young volunteer

"I have been a volunteer at Hounslow Foodbox for a couple of years: at first I just came in for a few days in the school holidays, but for the last year I have been volunteering more regularly, on most Saturday mornings. From my very first day at the foodbank, I was welcomed in by the kind atmosphere and dedicated volunteers. I decided to become a volunteer to try to help my community in a more direct and positive way. However, it also counts towards the volunteering part of your DofE, therefore attracting many young people, who you will quickly become friends with. When volunteering: I make food parcels, log and put away donations and on quieter days measure out sugar, tea, coffee or rice into smaller bags to go into the food parcels. Volunteering at the foodbank gives me a sense of purpose, makes my Saturday mornings productive and gives me a broader outlook, seeing more of the community. I hope many of you will join us in volunteering!"
A young volunteer