How it works

FoodBox operates on a voucher system, with recipients being given a voucher by one of FoodBox’s referral partners. Recipients can then exchange this voucher for a food package.

FoodBox’s referral partners are professionals or volunteers working in the community such as children’s centres, Citizens Advice Bureau, GPs, housing associations, Jobcentre Plus and London Borough of Hounslow Housing Strategy and Solutions, and Adult Social Care and Children’s Services.

Referral partners complete a FoodBox voucher form for the recipient, emailing it to FoodBox and giving a copy to the recipient.

Our food packages contain non-perishable essentials such as pasta, rice and tinned food. The food package should last the recipient and their household around three days. We try to work around any dietary requirements or allergies.

If you are a professional or volunteer working in the community and are interested in becoming a FoodBox referral partner, please get in touch.

Is there a limit to how many times a person can use FoodBox?

We have a general rule that people can use FoodBox no more than three times in a 12 month period. We can apply flexibility to this rule in extenuating circumstances. Individuals should talk to their referral partner if they think they need extra help.

Obtaining a voucher:

If you need to use FoodBox, contact one of our referral partners such as your local Citizens Advice Bureau, Housing Officer or Jobcentre Plus who can complete a referral voucher for you. Contact us if you need help finding a local referral partner.